Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Much For Everyone

I am somewhat troubled inside. During this last week at while I was at work an individual walked into the store who I thought I recognized. He had sat down with a guitar so I went over and asked if he needed a hand with anything, I looked him dead in the eye and quickly realized who he was.

If you had read my old blog you may remember a series of posts called "The Loner", these posts were about this kid who happened to be sitting in front of me this week. He was clinging to a piece of mahogany like it was the last thing he had to cling to. He was broken.

Let me refresh you on the back story. During my junior high years this individual was in my class. Being somewhat overweight this individual was constantly picked on. The kids would keep going back to pick on him because he gave the best reaction, often throwing fits of rage.

In grade eight he left. He simply left. Never again to dawn the doorways of Springs Christian Academy. An Academy that was everything but Christian, everything opposite to the teachings of Christ. It was not the institution itself that turned its back on this student but rather the people inside it, especially his classmates.

Just like that. A life turned upside down because a series of kids were ass holes.

Despite the hard times that this kid went through, and believe me, they went far beyond being bullied out of a school in junior high, he has big dreams. A luthier I do believe, to create guitars and stringed instruments from scratch. He already buys them to simply take them apart, and he loves to do it.

But do you know what the real kicker is? This kid, without graduating high school, while suffering heavy loss in his life, with no more than a few close friends, has already and will continue to accomplish more than those who made his life Hell.

With this I say: So much for everyone.
Don't let those in your past define who you are.
You are you, not what they did to you.

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