Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hello, my name is Jordan and I have a serious problem with Christmas.

On one hand I love Christmas, yet on the other, I despise it.

Near the start of this festive season I was talking with a co-worker who is a self proclaimed scrooge. On Christmas day he would rather play Mario Kart by himself than attend a family gathering. The religiosity, family gatherings and consumeristic nature of Christmas has led my friend to dispise the time that is branded as the happiest time of the year.

Now, I have always loved "the Christmas spirit." To me the Christmas spirit consists of eggnog, outdoor hockey and quality time with family and friends. However, as I have aged I have noticed that the real Christmas spirit is in fact nothing more that a hoax.

Christmas is simply about buying the gift that will in turn get you a pile of smiles, however, don't get the wrong gift, or your going to be hated for the rest of the year...

People, we are missing out on what Christmas is all about.
(If you have read this far, don't stop, please)

Christmas is not, I repeat, IS NOT, about buying gifts and therefore accumulating gifts in return.

Christmas is the time of year where we, as prosperous North American's, have the opportunity to give to those who are not as fortunate as we are. To pack and deliver hampers full essentials to someone living in Manitoba housing, to purchase 20 pizza's for a orphanage of kids in Indonesia and to give to a charity who is helping to improve lives in our city.

While I am not against gifting our loved ones or showing affection though gifts, I must proclaim that we as a culture have dreadfully and regrettably missed the mark concerning Christmas. As an irreligious follower of Jesus Christ I find no need to 'preach' to you and bombard you with scriptures concerning giving, simply because I believe that giving is something, whether religious, non-religious or irreligious, that is completely imperative in our world.

There will always be those who are less fortunate than ourselves, this fact is true. This fact also provides a glorious opportunity to show LOVE to those who happen to find themselves in a less than fortunate circumstance.

This Christmas - I CHALLENGE YOU - to spend your money and/or time on someone who is not as 'blessed' as you are. Find someone who is perhaps from a lower socio-economic class and be a blessing in their life. Find someone who is barely scraping by and help them back to their feet. YOU as a North American consumer have tremendous buying power, now get your priorities straight and use that buying power to help someone else. I am sick and tired of the "it's-all-about-me" attitude. Lets take it, stomp on it, cut it up, spit on it and throw it out. It is time for a serious overhaul of our priorities during the Christmas season...

I hope you take something from this.

Be blessed, and bless.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Don't Know What Love Is...

I stumbled upon a new band this week. One that I am particularly fascinated with. I think you will enjoy their work, if you do make the $9.99 jump and purchase their album Home on iTunes.

Allow me to introduce you to Mike Mains and the Branches.

I think I love you.

You don't know what love is.

I know that it's great, and it's different. It's when you give and give of yourself, until your tank is on empty, just to be with the one you love. And you bleed on the inside at the thought of losing them. At least that's how I feel...

I love different definitions of LOVE. The one you just read is a pure picture of innocence.
I truly believe that we need to get back to that form of innocence...

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Am Living

A few months ago a friend showed me a video series called I Am Living. This campaign is put together by a group called Come and Live. The simple yet profound mission statement of Come and Live is: "To Establish the kingdom of God within a community of musicians."

This video series takes a look into the personal lives of musicians such as Jake Luhrs, Aaron Gillespie and Tommy Green. Each musician sharing a very inspirational story of how God has worked in and through their lives.

Check it out...

On another note, I honestly do try to get around to blogging as much as possible, with a million things on the go it is often hard to find the time, but I assure you I'll keep hanging around here.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Today at work I composed a playlist entitled "Good Hearted Electronic Tunes." The goal was simple: To make myself feel happy as I ploughed through a long day.

Music has a huge amount of power and influence over our lives. Music is all around us, all the time. Because of the power that music has I am convinced that listening to positive music makes a huge difference in our mental states. While I am not about to quote you a list of sources I am going to take the word of my educated mother when she tells me that minor keys make people sad.

Think about it. Quickly compare some Death Cab with Owl City and you will see the difference instantly. Putting aside the insane amount of synth layers, you will notice that the driving melodies make you feel encouraged, happy and joyful as opposed to sad, reflected and all around chill.

Now, there is nothing wrong with mellow music, I myself am a complete fan of Death Cab and the like. But too much of anything is a bad thing.

You + Too Much Death Cab = A sad you...

In the same regard...

You + Too Much Owl City = Everyone wanting to punch you!

The math is simple. So, if you're listening to too much sad music switch it up a little and play this video...

and if you're listening to too much happy music try this one out for size...

Moderation in everything is the key.

Peace and Love, or else...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dear friends, I have to let you in on a personal pet peeve.

No elegantly worded introduction - My blood boils when I see the letters FML.

Think I am overreacting? Allow me to explain.

FML is common vernacular for this tech savvy generation. FML means Fuck My Life, it is a term used over and over again on social media websites by teenagers and adults alike, usually after an explanation of a less-than-desireable circumstance or event.

I am not some stiff who doesn't understand the meaning of the term in its correct context or who thinks that kids shouldn't be cussing, but rather I am a conscientious young person who is bugged at the idea of people taking their lives for granted when we should be thankful for the lives that we have been given.

In my personal opinion, feel free to agree or disagree, the phrase FML is unsophisticated, unintelligible and most of all, ungrateful. It is a dumbed down term that casts a shadow over the prosperity and blessing that most people using the term have experienced.

I don't need to whip out a bunch of statistics for you to comprehend the fact that you owning a computer puts you in richest x% of the worlds population. You know this already, now start being grateful for it. Start using it to empower those in your life. Start using this fact to change perceptions of your generation.

Your life is so much bigger than your FML's.

That's my rant. That's it. That's all.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Album Review - 41st and Home - Raised By Wolves (EP)

Moments ago I was turned onto Vancouver band 41st and Home and their brand new release Raised by Wolves. See, I don't pass up new music, especially west coast Canadian music.

41st and Home is a Vancouver based band that has been together for about 3 years now. The band describes themselves as "orchestral chamber rock", a sound that originated when founding members, and science students, Garth Covernton and Thom Colb found a cello in Garth's garage.

When I hit play I first like We Are the City and the Ember Days did a collaborative side project, but by the time the track Memory Boy came around I was convinced that I was directed onto something good and unique in its own regard. In true independent spirit the EP Raised By Wolves was conceived, recorded and mixed in little over a month with all the work being done by 41st and Home themselves.

So what should you expect when tuning into 41st and Home's new release?

Picture west coast Canadian music mixed with some brass, woodwinds and more strings. What do you get exactly? Orchestral chamber rock, of course. The opening tune Summons is a great intro, simply a jam session. As you move on through the EP you'll stumble across a lighthearted Mr. Gorbachev and eventually into a reflective Memory Boy.

Memory Boy was my favorite track the first time around and is currently on repeat. The lyrical content takes a look at God, youth, growth and loss. It seems like a lot, but it is blended beautifully.

So should you buy this EP?

Yes. Put it this way, whether you were raised by wolves, vampires or humans, I guarantee that you will be able to relate to something within these tracks. If you appreciate classical music, the violin in Hummingbird will take you by the hand into a mystical land (read that aloud, it rhymes). If you appreciate acoustic noodling the guitar in Raised by Wolves (track 7) will find your sweet spot.

So hat's off to 41st and Home for putting out a kicking EP.

Support them by purchasing this EP off their Bandcamp page!

For any and all information relating to this group click here to be directed to their website.

Here's to good music, from Canada.