Monday, June 28, 2010

Air Horn? Anyone?

Well, my grad is on Tuesday... And it may involve an air horn in one way or another. Should be good.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Light is You

Here is the fun song of the month. I love it, so happy go lucky and cheery :D. I hope to see these guys on July 31st at the park, if you want to come, gimme a shout.

Teddybear, honey bee
Don't forget that you love me
More than the stars over your head
It's just that your love shines like the moon
Full and bright and blinding through
Into my heart, into my head

When it's so dark I can't see the light
I close my eyes and I think of you
My little love, my only girl
I wouldn't leave you for all the world
I'll just sit here and wait for your moon to rise
When it's so dark I can't see the light
Well I close my eyes and I think of you

When it's so dark I can't see the light
Well I think of you
When it's so dark I can see the light
Shining through you

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We've Grown Up

Here is my first published poem. I urge you, if I can say it to you face to face, take the oppertunity. A shady video probably does not do it justice. Anyways, the words are posted below.
Enjoy, comment.

We've Grown Up

See we were once tiny little babies,
Held by our mothers,
Cradled by our grandmothers,
And kissed by our fairy godmothers.

We couldn’t walk into the room,
But as soon as we entered it we instantly became the center of attention.
Every set of eyes gazed on us,
But we knew no such thing as an ego and simply lived to breath and breathed to live.

We knew how to scream and how to cry,
But I would hazard to guess we didn’t even know we were alive.
All we did was sleep, and eat and poop and repeat.

We were tiny little things,
Kissed by God and delivered into the arms of our mothers,
Free from any folly, white as snow,
We were innocent, through and though.

But We’ve grown up.

See we were once not so tiny little children,
Both boys and girls learning to read,
Learning to write,
Learning to count, and learning to fight.

These were our pivotal years,
When all we knew was school and what mommy told us.
We didn’t have a care in the world except that which was for lunch.

We played tag and kicked a soccer ball,
Some of us watched TV and movies,
And the crazy ones - they had their first kisses.

But we’ve grown up.

Now we entered this stage called puberty,
Oh No… Not puberty.
See we learnt of something called hormones,
And how our ‘friends’ had this magical power of putting tiny little butterflies in our stomachs.

From those magical spells cast upon us we learned of things called crushes.
He crushed on her while she crushed on him, but him was not he, he was a different him.
Now of course, this led he to heartbreak, another discovery of this age.

Now things grew even more confusing than my last stanza.
If you thought the He’s and Him’s were complicated,
You had another thing coming when you reached the and, if’s or buts.

But, we’ve grown up.

Now, we entered another stage, another chapter if you will.
They called it high school,
We learnt of public showers and how all the other kids were built just like we were.
Half of us jumped into these watery death pits,
While the other half waited till they got home, see they learnt of a little thing called self conciseness.
A terrible thing I will admit, but a necessary one.

And remember those crushes?
Yeah, well they turned into boyfriends and girlfriends who would hold hands while watching the scary scenes in snow dogs.
Any excuse to touch was excuse enough.
Now boyfriends started stealing the virgin lips of their girlfriends.
Then in two months, it all ended and both boyfriend and girlfriend would go on to new boyfriend and girlfriend and add to the list of stolen kisses.

Now we got to this point where we grew up.
We stopped playing these silly little games and became adults.
Pfft, who am I kidding? It was junior high all over again.

See but this time, this time the stakes were higher.
We learned about God, about who or what or if He is. And if He was who is said he is and we started to ask Him questions. We came back to those confusing and’s, if’s and buts and why’s and more questions than we could handle.
See, some of us talked with God. But some of us couldn’t get that far.

We learned about calculus.
About Pascal and how he was sure of nothing in life, because everything came down to probabilities.
But probabilities had nothing on the general theory of relativity.
See we started messing with space and time and then we got spacetime now we don’t even know where we are in time, time rules us, time defines us, time destroys us.

By around this point we started winning championships.
We learned how to kick a ball into a net and how to shot a hoop.
We played our games to the sounds of thousands of screaming girls on the sidelines, all screaming our names.
Only for us to realize after the game that those thousands of screaming girls were infact our own mothers, cheering us along, never to leave our side.

Oh, and remember our boyfriends and girlfriends and our two month relationships?
Well they turned into more than two months, and by the end of it the we were stealing hearts and not just kisses.
This is where we learned of true heart break. Where getting up in the morning was tough because you knew you had to face another day seemingly alone.

But it’s the seemingly that’s the great part.
Along hand in hand with our heart break we learned of true friends.
Those who would hear us out and who knew what exactly we were all about.
Those who would take our side and protect our backs.
Those who didn’t care what we looked like on a bad day,
Nor did they care what we looked like on any day,
Because in their eyes, we are beautiful.

We learned about mom and dad.
See for all these years, we took ma and pops for granted.
They had this plethora of wisdom which was always available yet we were too naïve to ever tap into it.
But the best part was that this wisdom never left us.
When we were lost we could come running back,
We could ask our questions with no fear of judgement
Ma and pops were the best thing that happened since sliced bread.
And for all I know, mom was the first one to slice bread.

See, I don’t write poems for me.
They are for you, so that you can remember that we grew up.
And so that you will not forget that we still have a lot of growing up to do.

We are young, forever young. And while forever young that means forever growing old,
Forever learning and forever furthering our knowledge.
Forever falling in and out of love until one day we make it or we quit.
Forever understanding nothing and forever not understanding everything.
Forever praying and forever hoping.
Forever singing and forever screaming.
Forever in the rain and forever in the sun and forever in the snow, but never in the mud.

Cause we’ve grown up.

My Poetry

As a few of you know I have started to write my own poems over the past few weeks. I have one called "We've Grown Up". Its a tale about how we have become of age in this life. I have read it to a few people and they all like it for the most part. So my plan is... With the help of my producer (Little Brother) I am going to try to put together a video. It'll have the audio track in the back with either the lyrics or pictures or something on the page.

I hope to have it up by tonight, so check back.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Up To Date

Lots of traffic around this joint over the past few days. I threw the link up on Facer and got 40 odd hits in a day, out of the ordinary for my cutesy little blog. Anyways, I must say, life has been hitting me hard in the past few weeks, as I am sure that you could imagine. This, my grad year, has been everything short of what I imagined it to be. I must say that it has been the biggest emotional roller coaster of my life. I can look to each season of this year and see a huge emotional turmoil in one way or another. As for now I am trucking out my last 5 days of school.

I am looking forward to my school graduation day that will come about at the end of June. My church's grad will be this Friday. I am sure it will be a good time as well.

Well, despite the trash that I have been going through I still consider myself blessed. I can remember sitting in the dentist chair a little while ago and while Karen was cleaning my teeth I had a good amount of stuff on my mind. During the stay of my visit in her chair I learned much about her and we talked more than she had her hands in my mouth, a rarity for me at a dentists office. Anyways, I can recall on multiple occasions during our conversations Karen kept mentioning how I was always so lucky. 'Lucky this, lucky that.' And it was all light hearted, good spirited fun but when I walked out I started to think...
You know what Karen, your actually wrong... I am not as lucky as you think, but rather I am blessed.

Now hold your horses, before you start ramming anti-prosperity philosophy down my throat let me tell you, I am a very large critic of praying for iPod's. But I do believe that God does bless his children in one way or another, I also believe he presents them with suffering and trials. During the many, many, many, many tears I have cried over the last few months I can attest to the fact that trails exist, but on the other hand I can also say that throughout my trials I have seen the blessings of God in my life.

Oh yeah, and I have recently taken a vested interest into poetry. I have started writing poems on my own. Some are pretty bad I will admit but a few have shaped up into somewhat pieces of art. Anyways, if you want a look at them you can fire me an email of Facer message.

I wish you a solid week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010