Friday, July 29, 2011

Album Review - 41st and Home - Raised By Wolves (EP)

Moments ago I was turned onto Vancouver band 41st and Home and their brand new release Raised by Wolves. See, I don't pass up new music, especially west coast Canadian music.

41st and Home is a Vancouver based band that has been together for about 3 years now. The band describes themselves as "orchestral chamber rock", a sound that originated when founding members, and science students, Garth Covernton and Thom Colb found a cello in Garth's garage.

When I hit play I first like We Are the City and the Ember Days did a collaborative side project, but by the time the track Memory Boy came around I was convinced that I was directed onto something good and unique in its own regard. In true independent spirit the EP Raised By Wolves was conceived, recorded and mixed in little over a month with all the work being done by 41st and Home themselves.

So what should you expect when tuning into 41st and Home's new release?

Picture west coast Canadian music mixed with some brass, woodwinds and more strings. What do you get exactly? Orchestral chamber rock, of course. The opening tune Summons is a great intro, simply a jam session. As you move on through the EP you'll stumble across a lighthearted Mr. Gorbachev and eventually into a reflective Memory Boy.

Memory Boy was my favorite track the first time around and is currently on repeat. The lyrical content takes a look at God, youth, growth and loss. It seems like a lot, but it is blended beautifully.

So should you buy this EP?

Yes. Put it this way, whether you were raised by wolves, vampires or humans, I guarantee that you will be able to relate to something within these tracks. If you appreciate classical music, the violin in Hummingbird will take you by the hand into a mystical land (read that aloud, it rhymes). If you appreciate acoustic noodling the guitar in Raised by Wolves (track 7) will find your sweet spot.

So hat's off to 41st and Home for putting out a kicking EP.

Support them by purchasing this EP off their Bandcamp page!

For any and all information relating to this group click here to be directed to their website.

Here's to good music, from Canada.