Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to Back

A few months ago I was perusing the good ol' Facebook news feed when I saw a video come up. . It had been posted by a cousin of mine who had taken a year of school in England, and like most things in my news feed, I clicked on it. It turned out to be the band "Wolf Gang", a relatively unknown group of gentlemen from England, playing a beautiful acoustic song titled Back to Back.

Between the trench coat, cup slide, fingerpicking, messes of hair and chirping birds, I fell in love. Take a listen to this tune because you won't regret it.

Oh, and on another note... Happy Canada Day!
I am convinced that I live in the best nation on earth, not bragging or anything...

‎"There are no limits to the majestic future which lies before the mighty expanse of Canada with its virile, aspiring, cultured, and generous-hearted people." - Winston Churchill

The True North, Strong and Free.

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