Saturday, December 18, 2010


Dear friends,
I am lying in my room in the spot in which I have devoted my hours to studying. I cannot see anything but the light that my computer gives off, but in this darkness, in this spot where my mind has learned countless hours of educational material is where my biggest revelation comes.

I figured I should let you all know that I have personally experienced true love.

I have a friend who doesn't believe in love. She told me that love is nothing more than an illusion people grasp onto to fill a void. I honestly gave thought to her rant on the non-existence of love, but today is the day where I tell my friend that she is wrong.

I have another friend. This friend claims to believe in love yet seems to have love mixed up with a million other emotions and feelings. This friend has used and abused love, yet in the same breath love has used and abused her. Today is the day where I tell my friend to keep searching for love, because eventually, one day, love is going to find her.

Love is something desired by each and every one of us. It is a desire built into the very core of our being. It is an intricate puzzle of thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and words that manage to tangle themselves together to create something beautiful.

This thing called love has many, many powers. As much as love seems to be a positive superhero it also has a dark side, see love can build you up and put you on top of the world, and in a matter of seconds it can put you flat on your back, crying in pain.

But, I figured I should let you all know that I have personally experienced true love.

Even though I believe that I have experienced love, I have a few questions for love. First question, why are you an unfair bitch? Why do some people find love yet others don't... Why do you lavish yourself upon me yet hide yourself from my peers? What makes anyone more worthy than another to be graced by your presence?

One day, I hope love will answer my honest questions...

So where have I experienced love?

I have a family. A caring, compassionate, LOVING family. I have people who give up their Christmas to help others and to show that there is more than all this damn consumerism at this time of year. I have experienced giving, fellowship, community. LOVE.

See, we've been chasing for love like a pot of gold. Selling our bodies to heal our souls. . We've been lost. We've been deserted. We've been struck down and left for dead. We've been abused. We've been humiliated. We've been tossed around. And some of us, well, some of us have found love.

Love has its time, so grant it that time. You may not be happy with love's timing, but, you don't have a choice. Love has a heck of a lot more power than you do so good luck trying to fight love.
Love is beyond what your mind can comprehend. It is so much more than you can imagine.

I encourage you. Be still and wait for love. If you do, love will find you, in one way or another.

These are my thoughts, as raw as I get, but thanks for listening.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Blogging World.

Dear Blogging World,
I have missed you lately. I have been doing a good amount of writing for the newspaper so I have not been able to devote as much time to you as I would have liked. I don't mean to sound vain but let me share something with you... I used to Google my name sometimes just for kicks, as my name is not overly common in our world the first two links were usually my blog... Last week in the office a few of us decided to Google our names... The first page was mostly my stuff... Jobs, papers, sports, articles. All me. But my blog was no where to be found anymore. I apologize for this and I WILL start writing a little more. You have my word.

Jordan Michalski