Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dear friends, I have to let you in on a personal pet peeve.

No elegantly worded introduction - My blood boils when I see the letters FML.

Think I am overreacting? Allow me to explain.

FML is common vernacular for this tech savvy generation. FML means Fuck My Life, it is a term used over and over again on social media websites by teenagers and adults alike, usually after an explanation of a less-than-desireable circumstance or event.

I am not some stiff who doesn't understand the meaning of the term in its correct context or who thinks that kids shouldn't be cussing, but rather I am a conscientious young person who is bugged at the idea of people taking their lives for granted when we should be thankful for the lives that we have been given.

In my personal opinion, feel free to agree or disagree, the phrase FML is unsophisticated, unintelligible and most of all, ungrateful. It is a dumbed down term that casts a shadow over the prosperity and blessing that most people using the term have experienced.

I don't need to whip out a bunch of statistics for you to comprehend the fact that you owning a computer puts you in richest x% of the worlds population. You know this already, now start being grateful for it. Start using it to empower those in your life. Start using this fact to change perceptions of your generation.

Your life is so much bigger than your FML's.

That's my rant. That's it. That's all.