Friday, April 1, 2011

Bye Bye Myspace, Hello Bandcamp!

It's most definitely a shift in the times, my friends. Remember good ol' Myspace? I am not talking about Myspace in the sense of networking friends together but rather in the context of Myspace Music. Let me tell you, Myspace Music is officially dead.

I can remember putting together the social media aspect of my first "band." Yeah, Eventual Epic was on Facebook (still is I think, down to 20 fans or so) and we were also Myspace. We never really garnished a lot of attention but we had a Myspace, that meant we were legit.

I went onto Myspace yesterday to listen to a few bands. First off was Annex Theory, (listen to 'em here - I have never really been a huge fan of harder genres of music but it's a buddies band and they are seriously talented, so I couldn't not (double negative, I know, so shut up) listen to them. I also was on Myspace to listen to Julia Kasdorf, ( I heard her open for Del Barber a few years ago and have been in love ever since. The only problem being, I don't think she has released anything for years now, sad sad story.

Anyways, while listening to tunes, like I do, the beats stopped. So naturally I went to the page to see what happened. As I opened the page Myspace had decided to tell me that I needed to log in to continue listening. In the top right corner was an exit button, so I clicked it. What happened next is unimaginable...

Every song on the playlist had been shrunken to a 30 second preview.

Seriously?! Myspace, you didn't just do that did you? I hope you know, you have officially shot yourselves in the foot, for the last time. I honestly don't remember Eventual Epic's password, and I have way to many accounts on this thing called the internet, I am not going to make another one so I can use your porn-ad-filled, slow, emo girl nursing website. I am sorry, but I am gone.

After I left Myspace (and took a walk to cool my jets) I headed over to the new Myspace, actually, I don't like comparing it to Myspace, lets just call it Bandcamp.

Bandcamp was brought to my attention some time ago, it is that same basic idea as Myspace Music, but it kicks it in the shins and then uses it as a stepping stool to get over the fence. Bandcamp has officially pushed Myspace to the curb with to reluctance.

With the same initial concept of Myspace, allowing artists share their music, Bandcamp takes things to the next level. Bandcamp will allow the user (band) to put up their tunes, allow their tunes to be shared via multiple internet embedding resources and also allows them to sell their tunes.

Bandcamp also boasts about having a 5:1 album to track purchase rate while the majority of other sites (i.e. iTunes) have a 16:1 track to album purchase rate. What does that mean exactly? More sales - meaning - more money in your pocket!

A note to all you musicians out their. Tell Myspace to go home. Sign up for a Bandcamp account, and let it be. I can guarantee you that your experience on Bandcamp will blow away what you have ever done on Myspace.

Peace and Love, or else.

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