Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wondering What's Up?

So if your reading this, odds are you have seen my Facebook page pop up in your newsfeed over the past few days. If you have seen my wall your probably thinking "What type of site did that weirdo click on?" Well let me explain.

Around two weeks ago my Dad departed Winnipeg en route to Indonesia. My local church, Soul Sanctuary, sponsors an orphanage out in Indonesia called Wisma Kasih, a place for orphaned children or for children who have seen violence and lost a parent due to violence and poverty. He went on a fact finding mission to see how the orphanage needed help, what could Soul Sanctuary do to benefit Wisma Kasih.

After his stay with the children which lasted a week and a half he few back home with a vision of how to help these kids. In fact, he didn't just come back with a vision, he came back with the kids. No, not in his suitcase but rather he brought them back via social networking.

As I understand it, when the children go to school they are able to use Facebook and other forms of communication. Therefore, I am now friends with 20 odd Indonesian girls who all call my Dad "Father".

I watched some video that my dad brought back and was near moved to tears. The love that these kids have for western culture and for Canada in specific is insane. On Sunday May 1st my Dad and his traveling partner will present what they learned to the community of Soul Sanctuary and I highly recommend you show up. I don't care if you don't believe in God, I don't care if you have never been to "church" before or what-have-you. Show up. You will be moved.

So if you see a bunch of Facebook posts on my wall, or if you happen to get a random friend request, be chill about it. It is not some sketchy app that I accidentally clicked on
but rather 100% real people looking for connection.

Peace and love, or else.


  1. Thank you for the clarification Jordan. I got a request and I was not sure what to make of it...

  2. I think someone added everybody in my friends list, do with it what you wish :P.

  3. This reminds me of Jamaica, the kids there loved us so much and we were strangers to them.

  4. Thank you. the kids would love to be friend with all of you. Hey Jordan, the girl who tagged you a picture named Novi. She was always beside your dad, like wont let him go haha. :D Nice that you shared this in your blog. praying for your fam <3