Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why You Love Rebecca Black

You love Rebecca Black, don't deny it, because it's true. You know it, I know it, we all know it.
Think I'm crazy eh? Well let me tell you why I am right and why you in fact do love Ms. Rebecca Black.

If you have not seen this video yet take a look at it here.

So how do I know that you love her? Well first off, you keep going back to her video, we are climbing up to forty million hits, we'll make it there within the next week or so. There is absolutely no doubt that Ms. Black has become an "internet celebrity" similar to the likes of Justin Bieber, except for the fact that contrary to Bieber, her celebrity status was gained by "haters", those opposed to her music.

Now, I am not going to mask any feelings or hide any of my own personal opinions, the lyrical content in Ms. Black's video is at the very bottom on the creativity scale. Of course all teenagers love Friday's and are living for the weekends, but the sheer obviousness and the exact correlation between video and song were a little much to take, but I am not here to critique a 13 year old, which leads me to my next reason that you love Rebecca.

You love to watch people fall, this is not just true for you, but also true of Western Culture as a whole. We are a pretty messed up culture, think about it, we relish in the failure of others. Case in point: Charlie Sheen. How many of you have been watching the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco unfold only waiting for the point when he crumbles? I'll admit it, I am no better, but when we really think about, there is a sick nature to us. So you love Rebecca because of her sense of failure, you love writing nasty comments and joining the hundreds of thousands of others who know how to click a dislike button. It is better known as a mob mentality, just because a few people do it, the rest pile on.

Now once again, I am not defending the lyrical legitimacy of Friday but where do you draw the line between expressing your distain regarding a video or attacking a teenager?

Why else do you love Rebecca Black? Jealously. Be honest, what would you do to be in her shoes? My parents always told me that when someone made fun of me on the playground it was because they were jealous, I now see that to be more true than ever. How long have you been posting Youtube videos waiting to get noticed? How long have you been praying that some Hollywood producer or top NHL coach will recognize your talent and phone you up. What has happened to Ms. Black is only dreamt about by millions of other people, children and adults alike.

Whether you like it or not, in some way or another, you have a love for Rebecca Black. If you still disagree with me on this fact, then at least open your eyes and see that she is only a teenager, yet a teenager that has accomplished what many only dream of.

Hate it or love it, we're getting down on Friday.

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