Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Work For a Newspaper

Guess what, I work for a newspaper.
I am here on my day off, chilling in the Manitoban office because I don't have a house key and have to wait for my brother to be done class. But as I am sitting here it hit me, how many people can say that they work for a newspaper? Much less, how many people can say that they work for a newspaper at 18? Well, if you actually figure it out, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people do, but I think it is a pretty cool deal.

I saw an advertisement for a writing position on my first day of university and simply applied. I submitted my resume along with 3 previous writing pieces, got called on for an interview and then 2 weeks later got a call back saying "You got the job." Now, I walk around the university and see people reading stuff I have written, with a smirk I quietly pass. There is a feeling of accomplishment when someone reads what you have produced, it is a pretty awesome feeling.

In fact, I saw an acquaintance from my history class in passing today and he had the paper in his hand. He told me that he only picked it up because he saw an article on Facebook creeping, he turned to the page with that particular article and when I told him that I had wrote it he was flabbergasted.

I write for the Manitoban. The University of Manitoba's Student Newspaper. I am the Culture Reporter. It's not exactly comparable to writing for the New York Times or something insane like that, but I do enjoy it. So next time you see the Manitoban on news stands, you should probably pick it up, 100% free.

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