Saturday, March 12, 2011

Album Review: Treelines - Treelines

Hey Canadian Music Scene,
So my most recently purchased album off iTunes is called Treelines, by Treelines. A self titled release that I managed to pick out of a swamp of Canadian tunes. A few months ago I remember watching a Youtube video of these guys, they were playing a session in the great outdoors and I loved it, but I didn't think much about them from that point on.

But once I saw their album and their EP on iTunes I went back and tried to find that video. I couldn't manage to find it so I said "what the heck" and bought the album. Let me tell you, I have not been disappointed.

This 10 track compilation is an honest and metaphorical view of life and it's trials. Starting off with the upbeat Let it Roll there is constant reiterations of widely accepted truths such as "There's no passion without desire."

A personal favorite of mine has to be Burned Up Hands, this heart wrenching tune tells the tale of a lady and a man who seem to have the worst of their current situation. It is not until the end of the song that we realize the correlation between the two. I'll stop here and make you listen to it, it's a solid piece of work.

The song Calendar in a musical melody, combining all sorts of instruments. Starting off with a little harmonica, transitioning with a plucking banjo and capping it all off with a solid brass line. This song is a great reflection of this album; keeping you on your toes.

So, friends, get out there and grab a listen to Treelines! For all you Manitoban's looking for a good deal you can buy their whole album off their Bandcamp page (link provided below) for a mere $2. Saves you $8 from iTunes, but either way, support these guys.

Peace and Love.

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