Sunday, March 27, 2011

Album Review - We Are the City - High School (EP)

We Are The City are back at it again! Recently released is a brand new EP titled High School. The release of this 6 track EP was much anticipated by We Are The City fans as the band has swapped out guitar players since their last tour of their debut album In A Quiet World.

In early 2011 We Are They City announced that guitarist David Menzel would be leaving the band. Recently engaged, to whom I assume to be the love of his life, David no longer had the same vision as Cayne and Andy. The boys split but according to Cayne, still remain great friends. Filling the shoes of Mr. Menzel would fall into the lap of Blake Enemark. The bands new guitarist seems to fit the mould of We Are The City as he currently is touring with Andy and Cayne as they finish up their Canadian tour.

So first of all, is High School worth your $5.94 on iTunes?

Absolutely! For those who have never listened to We Are The City before I can assure you that you do not have another band in your library that sounds even remotely close to them. When I first got my hands on In A Quiet World last summer at their show with Said the Whale, it blew me away. I honestly think that it had to do with the piano, being raised on the piano, it had lost its significance to me. But on a beautiful summer night back in 2010, Cayne McKenzie showed me the beauty of the piano and restored it to its proper place in my eyes.

Having the keys pierce through so vividly set We Are The City apart from others in one way, but apart from the piano, their sound is ridiculously unique. I am going to leave it there and ask you to listen and experience it for yourself.

Secondly, what should you expect from High School?

This EP consists of memories from high school mixed with some seriously dramatic fiddling. Not violin fiddling, but rather a mix mash of instruments that do their own thing eventually blending into something beautiful. For example, the track An Angel in White will have you scratching your head (in a good way) for the last 3 minutes.

The lyrical content of this EP seem to be genuine memories of a bunch of guy reminiscing about their pasts. Happy New Year describes a guys heart break as he exclaims "I definitely didn't get what I wanted." Despite the apparent sadness in the these lyrics the song is a jumpy/happy-go-lucky tune. A beauty to say the least.

Lastly, like their previous album, this EP has some serious mentions of religion. We Are The City seems to take a genuine approach to religion, something you don't hear of everyday.

Anyways, I highly advise the purchase of this EP, it'll make for some solid listening. Not convinced, listen here first... Then go buy it.

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