Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Talk Election!

As most of my fellow Canadians know, Election is upon us. I have always been quite interested in politics, once promising my dental hygienist that I would give her a call when I became Premier. Although I am not still following a path to politics, plans change right? Who know if I will ever head back in that direction, I am certainly not closed to it.

Anyways, I am here to propose a hypothesis for our upcoming election. Many people take hours and hours of time to weigh all sides of the political spectrum, they pick apart policies and piece together theories, seeing who will come out victorious in our upcoming election in early may.

So here is my theory/prediction. This coming election I believe that Canada will vote in Stephen Harper and the Conservative party with a majority government. Why would I say this? Because I believe that Canadians are truly sick of elections. Election after election after election costing taxpayers $300 Million dollars each. On the other hand, although the Conservative party has taken a series of hits while in power, who doesn't? Every government (in my memory) that has been in power takes hits, they are constantly scrutinized and under fire. Harper has not done anything to destroy his image, I would hazard to guess he still has the majority of support of Grandma's and Grandpa's across the country.

Anyway's, thats is my two sense about the upcoming election. From now on I will be posting a series of political related items that I find funny or interesting. Enjoy!

This is my CBC Vote Compass out come. I guess I'm a Conservative...

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