Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I need to give a huge THANK-YOU to YOU! Yes, you. The person reading my blog at this moment!
As a few of you know, I had a somewhat successful (what really is successful in the blogosphere? blog that I had deleted about a year ago now. I had pretty regular traffic and commenters, the jazz that goes on with a good blog. I had deleted that blog and moved onto "bigger things", that being www.just-walk-in.blogspot.com.

I must let you know that last month, February, was my most successful month as far as traffic goes since starting this blog. We tallied just over 400 hits in 28 days. Sounds insignificant, but I am pumped about it. So, if you ever want to link to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or what ever else, don't even ask (unless you run a super sketchy porn site, then please don't link me in, but other than that, I would but more than happy if you shared le blog as I hope to break the 500 mark for April.

The most encouraging thing for a writer is to be read, so once again, thanks!

Shine your light.

P.S. - I hope you caught it...

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