Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Praise ye The Lord

Well I am going to eventually let y'all know whats going on with this Philosophy class of mine. All I am going to say for now is that I enjoy being around Atheists. Mostly because its a change for me, I have been around Christians or religious folk my whole life and have not had an experience where a solid defence for my faith was needed. My Prof. is a Philosopher who knows both sides of the argument and is well researched in all areas. He tells us that he does not tell people whether is believes in God or not... But I watched the movement of his hand during a secret ballot as to who believes in the existence of God... Needless to say, he does not. I will write about what I have learned a little later on this week...

Okay... Call me what you want but I think this song is beautiful. Contrary to public belief Ms. Miley Syrus did not write this song... The credit goes to John Shanks and Hillary Lindsey. I have not listened to the original version of this song and I am not going to. But rather I came across this version while looking through Tyler Wards music on youtube.

Now, I frankly don't care what anyone is going to say about me for listening to this but it is definitely pulling on my heartstrings... HARD! But whatever... I'll attempt (and fail) to put the emotions to the side and continue writing...

I am headed off to a youth conference this weekend... The same youth conference I vowed just a week ago that I was not going to attend. You know the times where you realize that you have to grow up? When you realize that decisions you have made out of ignorance have shot you in not just one foot but both? I have leaned on my parents for support within the last few weeks... The only people who I am comfortable talking to anymore. And they have given me some advice, some which I have chosen to listen to, some which at the time I decided to disregard. I honestly regret not listening to the options I threw out... Note To Self: Despite being blinded by emotion, listen to Mom and Dad.

Oh, back to the youth conference... I have learned a fair bit about God within the past few days... And I hope (or pray...) that I find more of God at this conference. I would call myself a Skeptical Theist, one who believes in God and despite arguments around God and still believes that we (I) learn and uncover more of God day by day. I also believe that while I live on this earth I will never find God in His entirety. I think it would be foolishness to believe that you have figured out in any respect or area, who God is.

Oh, and back to the youth conference... I have a burning passion deep within me... I don't know how to use it or capture it or what its for... But its a fire that burns so hot it nearly tears out through my chest and stomach. I need to find a way to uncover what this passion of mine is, hopefully something this weekend will click. If I go to this conference and I don't uncover what this thing is within me, then so be it. I won't be dismayed... Because when I finally discover what this bugger is then it's going to take off like nothing I have ever seen before, of this I am sure.

Oh! The Conference! I almost forgot! It will be a good weekend, I am sure of this as well. I am sure that this weekend will have its fair share of uneasy moments and unsettling times. But something I have learned from a friend in the last little while rings in my ears; "When life is in discord, Praise ye the Lord."

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