Tuesday, April 27, 2010

University, yeeeaaa-no.

This week is an exciting one for me. I am attending a Philosophy class at the University of Winnipeg from 9-3 from Monday to Friday. It apart of the U of W's "High School Enrichment Program: To provide the most promising students with an early taste of university experience.".. Or you could call it the biggest marketing push of the year by the U of W to get kids to enroll for the fall term. Both descriptions are equally accurate.

I have been starting to think about this whole university thing... It seems to have been the driving force behind my life for the past two years... Preparing for University. Choosing the right high school courses for admittance into University. Well, I am headed to the University of Manitoba for the fall session in 2010 and spring of 2011 and I am no longer pumped to attend. Sure, their is apart of me that is going to love the change of scenery and all, but I want the payoff without the work and sacrifice... No more sacrifice. What a damn egocentric thing to say, I know... But I digress.

Dear University,
Mess off for now.
With Disgust, Jordan.

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