Friday, May 7, 2010

One Step in the Right Direction...

"One step in the right direction
Won't change the world, but it's a start
Someone's gotta see the good in everything
And that there's more than just the stars to think about
That's where the art comes out
That's where the truth of the heart comes out"
- The Banks of the English Bay,
Said The Whale

Sitting in law class today, I tore through a huge assignment in record time while listening to my new found obsession, CBCRADIO3. I tell you, every Canadian artist is on this site and there are some solid tunes pumping from it. But, while listening to one of my favorites, Said The Whale, I heard a quick verse and had to look up the lyrics to see if I heard correctly. And yes, I heard correctly.

"One step in the right direction won't change the world, but it's a start."

Say what?! Right there, they had me. It's beautiful. We all know that big accomplishments are not made by one giant leap but rather many small 'baby steps'. Never mind that we are talking about changing the world here. You could ask anyone in this world and they would say that our world is in due need of some sort of change. I think this line is gorgeous!

"Someone's gotta see the good in everything"

What more do I need to say about this?, everyone needs and optimistic friend. I know in myself I see the cup half empty a good amount of the time, something that I have tried to curb. Thinking positive instead of negative totally will improve the life of yourself as well as the people around you... I am no shrink, but of this I am sure.

"And that there's more than just the stars to think about. That's where the art comes out, that's where the truth of the heart comes out"

I have no clue what Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft of Said The Whale were thinking when they wrote this, but that is the beauty of art. For all I know they could have been talking about global warming, yet when I interpret this I see it as a magnificent quest to understand the concept of a creator. The idea that there is something beyond the stars. And once we can come to realize that there is something behind the stars we see the origin of art, the Creator himself. Now wait, Said The Whale could have just left it there and I would have been content. Yet instead they choose to add one more line; "that's where the truth of the heart comes out". Oh my goodness, how well does that tie in with the idea of a creator? For me, coming to the realization that God is out there and then seeing how all art finds its path back towards Him is a solid idea. Now toss in the fact that He knows our hearts through and through. The truth of ones heart can elude many a people, including the one bearing the heart. But through God those secrets of darkness become illuminated, brought to light and dealt with.

Gahh, a profound moment for me today.
Have a good one.

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  1. AH! OK, So I had the exact same thoughts about this song and have posted these exact lines as a status a myriad of times. Weird.