Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something Beautiful

This week has been crazy. About mid way through this week I was paralyzed in fear/anger/worry/anxiety. All these emotions are ones that I am not used to, especially in such a rapid time frame. It was a nasty concoction of all sorts of not-so-fun events that led to this accumulation of stress and all that other jazz. Anyways, I had made a brief Twitter post (nothing out of the ordinary) stating that I was stressed. After that I put down my phone and went to get myself a cup of tea. I came back and my I had a text from a guy who is quite a few years older than me, married and in that whole stage of life. The text simply asked what I needed prayer for at that moment. It caught me off guard, I was taken back that someone would care enough to ask and pray for me.
Respect Level For My Friend: +1

Second of all, I had a crazy (and when I say crazy, I mean pretty crazy) experience yesterday. I was out on the town with a few buddies and we ended up going to a church just when everyone was leaving from a concert. As all my friends stood around talking with people I did not know I was on my Blackberry (you know, the socially acceptable thing to do). Anyways, after getting a friend request from someone I work with another request came in. I did not recognize the name or picture and showed it around to my friends. Nobody knew who this person was. Now, this is where this very unlikely series of events starts to unfold. I was lay out these events in numerical order for those who like to keep track of things.

1. Usually when I get an add from someone I don't know I do not add them. But, as I was on my Blackberry and could not see mutual friends (turned out their were none) I decided accept and look through the pictures for someone i recognized.

2. I concluded that I did not know this person and was about to "defriend" them, as I tried to find the defriend button I noticed that they had posted a status update on their wall with a phone number. It was a 250 number, and being a good BC boy I quickly recognized that (250) is the area code for Vancouver Island + surrounding area.

3. I don't usually text random numbers, but this time I did. The night was young, I was pretty hyped up already, so I figured what the heck. I texted this person I did not know and struck up conversation.

4. Apparently her friend was on her Facebook and had added a bunch of random people as friends. The story goes, I clicked "attending" to a concert in BC. I am not actually going to be at that show but I plan to watch it via live webcast. When I first saw the initial event invitation I had clicked "not attending" but the switched it so that I could rustle the feathers of some of my BC friends. So, her friend found me in the "attending" section and added me.

5. I learnt some very peculiar things through our conversation. a) She is also, a Christian. b) Her friends in Victoria attend my Uncle's Church. c) We both blog.

So we texted for about two hours. Just getting to know each other. It was honestly an insane experience. As my new friend put it: "This is too funny, such a God moment." Yeah, I do believe in coincidence, in fact I think that too many Christians think pure coincidences are "signs" from God. But in my own personal case, I believe that this is a little more than coincidence. But whatever that means, I have no clue.

May God rest His hand upon you, and may you feel it.

In honor of my new friend, some beautiful BC music. A collaboration of 2 of BC's best.