Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Wanna Borrow the Light, Use it On You When the Sun Goes Down

A few weeks ago I downloaded the iTunes pick of the week. A free song, who wouldn't download it? The artist who was up for grabs this particular week was Sean Rowe with his song called Surprise. When I clicked the download button I didn't know that I was clicking yes to a flood of beautiful emotion.
Sure enough, Surprise rocked my world.

The song seems to speak of some form of reflection mixed with an element of starting anew.

This song suits my point in life right now, having just come off a graduation ceremony for a bunch of my friends, meeting another host of new friends and simply knowing that no matter what - life continues to roll on.

Well friends, enjoy this tune.

"You were nothing but the fragrance of an old dream, That was just time playing tricks on my mind. You've escaped from all the pictures that I remember, You come back as a bottle of wine. In your letters, I can see your mouth was moving, Your voice was at the tip of my recall. Then your ghost could only brush against my t-shirt, And now your body shows up to take it all. And your movements, I could match before your maker I know them deep enough to paint them in the air. Life is a liquid, and I stretch far past its boarders. I have a feeling you'll be waiting for me there. And my city shakes its head at my wilderness, And my heart has built a mind for itself. And I have found a little shelter inside of a sickness. I'll be waiting for the icicles to melt. But I want to borrow the light, Use it on you when the sun goes down. Let's lead the rusted old folks back in the city Where they belong. Where they belong. And your children, like little wolves that go unnoticed, As the diamonds play their gimmick against the sand. And I have found an ocean in the doorway of your body, I know the secret, but I haven't got a plan. And I want to borrow the light, Use it on you, when the sun goes down. Let's lead these rusted old folks, back in the city Where they belong. There was a cloud in my face And now I gotta wash my eyes. 'Cause I though love was just a strip mall, Baby, you are a surprise. You are a surprise."

Oh, and one more thing. I need to link you into a blog, one that I enjoy reading so much and am sure you will as well.

This is a girl from BC I met incredably randomly, the meeting story can be read here.
Her blog is a solid list of personal thoughts mixed with Serious West coast music. You can read that here.

Love and Peace, or else.

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