Sunday, January 23, 2011

If I Told You That I Loved You.

So I had my 18th Birthday Party yesterday, I had a house full on my friends and we hung out for a few hours. Beats were pumping and it was just an overall good time. Headed out to Triple B's afterwards with a few close bud's and shot some pool, honestly a solid night. Got to bed by four AM and got up by 9.30 for Church. It was well worth it.

I pulled out my "memory box" from underneath my bed to put away the cards and letters that I got for my birthday. It turned into me pulling everything out and going through it all. It was a pretty sweet thing, I am going to share the majority of items in my box on le blog in the coming weeks. For those of you who have known me for a while this may bring back some memories for you, just like it does for me. I will probably break down the box into chunks of information. Like (16th Birthday, Christmas '08 etc.) I am actually pretty excited to examine everything that happens to be in there and to have a written form of my thoughts about it.

Got myself a new pair of jeans! They were my birthday present to myself. They are called "WeirdGuy" by "Naked & Famous". I have never paid so much for jeans in my life, but am pretty excited for wearing them. They rock out with some of the new kicks I have. It's been a good shopping January.

"We got ourselves a story as long as the winter,
we've got ourselves a tangled piece of string,
and I'm all wound up and ready to unwind.
From memories to memories of walking side by side,
sweet sarcastic smiling, pushes me I'm falling,
darling I'm going to make you mine."

A sweet Del Barber Lyric from "If I Told You That I Love You."

As you go about your day, go in peace, knowing that the Creator of life is in your presence, or rather, you are in His.

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