Saturday, January 29, 2011

Highlights of the Day

I had a pretty slack day today. Slept in (the joy of not working Saturday's), went to work anyways so that I could drop off one of my basses to get fixed, I dropped by my grandpa's house and did a little shovelling for him. After that I had lunch with my cousin and then had a few pals over before the nights end. I am right about to close my eyes for the night but I figured I needed to let y'all know about a special part of my day.

I spent lunch today with my cousin Sarah. Her birthday falls a few days before mine so we have maintained a ritual of going out for our birthdays over the past few years. Today we hit up Moxies on Kenaston and just chatted. It was such an amazing experience. I know you have heard me brag about it in the past, but I must bring it up again. I have such an amazing family. Gahh, it's just mind blowing.

Anyways, Sarah has her own business in Winnipeg, she is a esthetician and her company is called Pure White. She is getting set up with a blog and all that jazz, so if you are in Winnipeg and need your nails, makeup or whatever done, I highly recommend her. If you want to drop me a message I can get you her contact, I will also post a link in the coming weeks.

Anyways, I figured that I needed to post bragging about how stinking awesome Sarah is and how sweet my family is. My wish is that everyone could have the same experience with their families as I do with mine.

Oh, you can expect some memory box posts soon.

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." ~ Robert Byrne

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