Monday, February 13, 2012

The Cost of Discipleship - Chapter 16

The Hiddenness of the Devout Life

[...] We want other people to see our achievements and to be put to shame. Our asceticism has now become the way to salvation. Such publicity gives it the reward it seeks.

Here Bonhoeffer is talking about living your life without seeking recognition for your actions. It is a hard concept to follow, if I do a good deed I naturally want everyone around me to recognize that fact and to celebrate my action. However, Christ has called us to make those good deeds a part of our everyday life, to the point where we are not looking for any sort of glory, but rather attribute all good to the power of Christ working through us.

I encourage you to continue your good deeds, however continue them without seeking recognition for your actions. Like all most related to following Jesus, easier said than done.

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